Updating a campaign

After a campaign is created, the fundraising DAO may want to update information about the campaign. This occurs through a proposal, so we tried to make it pretty easy for you to create an update proposal on the DAO Up! UI.

Note that only the fundraising DAO may update a campaign's configuration, not the wallet that initially created the campaign.

Creating the proposal via the DAO Up! UI

If you have governance tokens in the DAO, a pencil icon should appear on the campaign page near the funding progress. Pressing this will open a form with the current campaign details already filled in.

Submitting the form will create a proposal in your DAO, and DAO members will be able to vote on the proposal. Once it is passed and executed, the campaign details will update immediately.

You can also create the proposal manually via the DAO DAO UI.

Creating the proposal manually

To create the proposal manually, the fundraising DAO needs to execute the update_campaign method on the campaign contract address.

"wasm": {
"execute": {
"msg": {
"update_campaign": {
"campaign": {
"hidden": false,
"profile_image_url": "CAMPAIGN_PROFILE_IMAGE_URL",
"description_image_urls": [
"funds": []

You can find the address of your campaign by looking in the URL bar of your browser while viewing the campaign. The URL will be in the form https://daoup.zone/campaign/CAMPAIGN_ADDRESS_AT_THE_END.

Likely, campaign creators will not want to update all of the fields in their campaign. To get the current campaign config, you need to setup junod. Then, run:

junod query wasm contract-state smart CAMPAIGN_CONTRACT_ADDRESS_HERE '{"dump_state": {}}' --output json | jq '.data.campaign_info'

You will then want to copy the campaign object shown in that command's output into the proposal message field and update only the fields you want.